This conference is hosted by Netpol and the Kettle Police Powers Campaign.  Netpol is a network of protest, civil rights and community groups, which has formed to provide a campaigning focus around policing issues.  It seeks to promote a diversity of approach, promoting and supporting the activities of all of the partners, while increasing our collective strength.

The Campaign to Kettle Police Powers is an attempt to grow this network even wider, to provide an action-based forum for all of those who believe that it is unlawful, excessive and repressive policing that needs to be contained.

Policing has been hitting the press consistently over the last year – from riots to corruption, kettling to cuts. Much of what has appeared in the headlines has also had a direct impact on many of us.  We hope that this conference offers the chance to discuss the effect that policing is really having on our communities – whatever and wherever those communities happen to be.

We also hope that this conference is more than a ‘talking shop’.  We believe that growing networks of different groups – with different views, approaches, ideas and attitudes, but with a common aim of fairness and justice – can really make a difference.  By sharing information and experiences, and supporting ideas for campaigns and action, we become a powerful force for change.